“The Five Hearths". Kilnformed glass and cast concrete bollards designed by artists Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis. Greensboro, NC. Photo by Crystal Schenk.

Public Art + Bullseye Studio

December 5, 2017

The above photo shows part of a public art installation, called Five Hearths, located in an outdoor municipal plaza in Greensboro, NC. The installation, designed by artists Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis, consists of 2.5″-thick reverse-relief glass slabs set into concrete bollards of varying heights. Each custom-color and cast design celebrates moments that define the Greensboro community. All five needed to be readable both up close and at a distance, day or night. Bullseye Studio is proud to have helped Crystal and Shelby realize their designs in glass and capture the stories and moments so important to this work.

Feel free to view our portfolio of recent public art projects (including a series of 118 mosaic columns for a transit line—based on paintings by the artist Lynn Basa). Bullseye Studio can help manage your public art project and, if needed, expand your ability to qualify for sizable commissions.

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Public Art + Bullseye Studio