About Bullseye Studio

“Bloom” by Ellen George, in fabrication at Bullseye Studio in Portland, Oregon, 2008.

Bullseye Studio collaborates with artists, architects, and designers from around the world to fabricate art glass for the built environment, including architectural, landscape, and product designs; public art projects; and art installations. We are world-renowned for our kilnforming expertise and our custom color capabilities.

We began kilnforming glass for large-scale applications at our pioneering Research and Education studio located inside Bullseye Glass Company’s factory in Portland, Oregon. Today, Bullseye’s skilled fabrication team and world-class equipment, still operating inside the factory, are known as Bullseye Studio.

Bullseye Glass Company has been hand-casting colored glass for art and architecture since its founding in 1974. We collaborate with a community of artists worldwide and have been instrumental in developing many of the fundamental materials and methods at the core of contemporary kiln-glass. Bullseye is widely known as the first company in the world to formulate and manufacture glasses that are factory-tested for fusing compatibility.


  • What is kilnformed glass?
    Kilnforming is the process of shaping glass in a kiln with heat and gravity. There are many methods and techniques that are related to kilnforming, including glass fusing, glass slumping, and kilncasting. We refer to Bullseye glass as kiln-glass because it is a type of glass that’s specifically manufactured for use in a kiln. Glass objects that have been formed in a kiln are often referred to as kilnformed glass.
  • I am interested in discussing a project for possible fabrication. What is the first step?

    Email your interest, and the details of your project, to our team at studio@bullseyeglass.com.

  • How long does it take to receive a quote?
    Because of the care we put into considering the best process for achieving your project, quoting or estimating can take on average 3-10 business days – sometimes longer if the project is complicated and/or involves other vendors.
  • Do you provide samples?
    If all that is needed are color samples, we have access to 2″ x 2″ (3mm thick) glass samples that we can forward from the Bullseye glass factory. If instead you need a fabricated sample of your project we will happily custom fabricate samples. The cost of samples is usually included in the price of the overall project but can be quoted separately if needed.
  • How big can you make a single panel? How thick?
    As a general rule, the largest single, continuous glass item we can fabricate is 10′ in length, 4′ in width, and 5″ thick. That said, larger items may be possible, and are considered on an as per basis, so do not hesitate to make an inquiry.
  • Do you work with other glass besides Bullseye glass?

    We fabricate exclusively with Bullseye glass as we are the glass fabrication arm of Bullseye Glass Co.

  • Can your glass be tempered?
    No. For applications where safety measures are necessary, we will laminate the glass. For applications where the project requires certification of safety materials, we can provide ANSI Z97.1-2015 testing.
  • Can you fabricate items free of bubbles?
    No. Bubbles are a feature of all kilnformed glass made from Bullseye glass. Bubbles are a result of air being trapped during fusing two or more pieces of glass together. To some extent bubble population and size can be controlled, primarily through the choice of foundation material (e.g. fusing layers of sheets vs fusing billets together), but a bubble-free slab or casting is not possible.
  • Is kiln-glass appropriate for exterior use?
    Yes! We have developed specific construction and design methods to improve the stability of the glass in outdoor environments, as well as recommendations for installers and frame makers so the glass can expand.
  • How long does it take to fabricate a custom kilnformed object?
    It wholly depends on your specific project. That said, it may be helpful to know that aside from developing the design, fabricating bespoke architectural elements and artworks using kiln-glass and kilns requires time. Time is needed to establish the necessary fabrication methodologies, make samples, acquire and prepare materials, kilnform and properly anneal the elements, conduct finish work, employ secondary processes, and crate and ship. Because it is a thoughtful and time-intensive art-making process our recommendation is for you to bring us in early.


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