Greater Forces Are at Work

CR&SH Studio Art

Located in the open-air atrium of Utah State University’s new Clinical Services Building in Logan, Utah, artists Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis (CR&SH Studio Art) created five illuminated cast glass sculptures referencing the healing nature of the Utah landscape.

“Utah’s landscape has been an inspiration to us for so many years. A lot of places claim to be unique but Utah’s mountains and diverse ancient formations are truly other-wordly. Sublime landscapes such as these make us deeply connect to the healing power of the natural worlds, our own humanity, and history.” – Crystal Schenk

The centrally located courtyard, named the “Healing Garden” is the heart of this research and treatment facility for children and adults with disabilities. It is a multi-functional space for patients, students, and faculty alike.

Having previously worked with Bullseye Studio on “The Five Hearths”, Schenk and Davis came to us to transform their hand-carved models into cast glass sculptures: open-faced castings that detailed the artists’ specific vision for how the glass should combine, flow, and move. Together we selected the glass colors to be used in the casting, including using some special production glasses made by Bullseye Glass Co..

“The natural materials are soothing and tranquil while at the same time, the glow and the colors in the glass will introduce a warm, joyful feel.” – Crystal Schenk

Delivering the color composition the artists wanted within the physical form required, while remaining within the time and budget constraints of the project, proved challenging. However, we met the challenges together, increasing our knowledge base and successes moving forward.

Bullseye Glass Vimeo: Time-Lapse video of loading the molds for “Greater Forces Are at Work.”

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