Bullseye Noted for Project Consultation

October 8, 2017

Glass Art Magazine’s fall issue features the compelling backstory behind Judson Studios’ Resurrection Window, the world’s largest single composition fused glass window. A big thank you to Judson Studios and Narcissus Quagliata for sharing Bullseye Studio’s role in this stunning project.

Untested techniques were explored ahead of time at Bullseye Glass Co., Portland, Oregon. Ted Sawyer, the company’s head of education, was instrumental in solving key aspects of the fabrication process. [Tim] Carey and Quagliata used Sawyer as a technical resource throughout the creation of the glass work.

“I would never have taken on such a massive responsibility if not for the connection I have with Dan Schwoerer and Lani McGregor at Bullseye Glass Co,” said Quagliata. “Their pledge to support me was key in my ability to become the means for the Resurrection project. My investigation of fusing has been an extension of Bullseye’s wider exploration. Without their core guidance and support over the last 30 years, I would not have expanded and adapted the techniques that I am known for today.”