Gerding Edlen's The Casey, Portland, OR. Rendering by GBD Architects.

Building Developers + Bullseye Studio

February 15, 2018

Unique features of exceptional quality can make for memorable and stand out experiences. Such experiences compel us to return to these places. Bullseye Studio shares this understanding with many of our local and national developers.

Mark Edlen came to us to develop site-specific features for his Casey condominium project in the Pearl District of NW Portland. We worked with Mark, GBD Architects, Fireart Glass, and the artist Martha Pfanschmidt to develop and fabricate art windows to accentuate the height of the structure, as well as four floor-to-ceiling lobby panels and additional artworks depicting the seasons at each elevator stop. Together these works bring color and light into the building, enhancing each visitor’s experience.

Bullseye Studio has worked with developers for hotel, multi-family, healthcare and commercial projects. While the fabricator in each instance, we either designed the project as well or worked with an artist brought to us by the developer. We can also suggest artists for our partners to consider, as we are aligned with many supremely qualified individuals working in kiln-glass.

Kilnformed glass is a unique material well-suited for memorable site-specific features. Further, when you think of our glass, you can rest easy regarding performance issues: glass is an archival material that can be laminated to meet safety requirements and it will hold up to time, the elements, and maintenance.

If you are a developer, or anyone proposing solutions for compelling and long-lasting ways to make a project stand out, consider working with Bullseye Studio.

“Northern Lights”