Glass Falls

Designed by Wayne Design Group for the Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center at Dallas, TX, Glass Falls is a kilnformed glass water feature measuring 36″ x 78″ x 108.5”. It is a tremendous example of a successful exterior application of kiln-glass.

Located at an entrance to the Cancer Center’s Healing Garden–a quiet, passive space for patients, family, and staff to retreat–the goal of this project was to combine the healing capacity of movement, art, water, and the sounds of nature in an exterior glass feature. It also had to withstand UV and other environmental conditions, retain its strength and full color saturation over time, and remain a stunning and healing element of the healthcare landscape.

Working with Wayne Design Group, Bullseye Studio fabricated twelve panels, each specially designed for the water to cascade precisely from one 4″ glass slab to the next, as well as to achieve full color saturation and color placement as specified. The total undertaking required partnering with an engineer, a stoneworker, a fountain specialist, contractors, and others in the trade.

For more information about kilnformed glass in healthcare settings, see our article and short video on the subject.