Vermont Bar Backsplash


Commissioned and designed by one of our collaborators, MADE, Bullseye Studio fabricated twelve custom-textured, green kilnformed glass panels that were installed as backlit wall cladding for the bar of a private residence in Vermont.

MADE’s residential client wanted the glass to have a unique texture. We worked hand-in-hand with MADE and their client to establish the desired texture, then developed a methodology for imparting that texture into the glass. In addition to adding interest and depth, the special texture, which lies only on the front of the glass, helps reduce light glare when the glass panels are not backlit.

The panels are 15” high, 1/2” thick and extend between 56” and 96” in length.  They are configured into three bays, each with four horizontally-placed glass panels. Two of the bays surround a center window on a long wall parallel to the bar, while the third bay is on a short wall perpendicular to the other. Each set of horizontal glass panels is divided by walnut shelving built by MADE.

Bullseye Studio is glass. MADE is wood. Our two SE Portland studios have come together to dream up ways to combine these materials. Each studio brings deep expertise in their respective fields. Working collaboratively pushes the mediums into new forms. We welcome the challenge and rewards of collaboration; contact us to learn how working together produces imaginative and unique results.