Strand Door: Condor Entrance

Custom-designed by Bullseye Studio, the Strand Door is composed of kilnformed glass cast against the live edge of a slab of Oregon white oak from Zena Forest. With door design and glass fabrication by Bullseye Studio, woodwork by MADE, and metalwork by Flux Design, the Strand Door is an intricate union of each studio’s primary material.

Commissioned by contemporary glass collectors for their residence in SW Portland, and like its glass, wood and metal counterpart, the Confluence Table, goals for the Strand Door sought to incorporate the disparate materials into a functional piece of artwork by combining custom kilnformed and hand-finished glass, a hand-finished hardwood slab, and custom metal frame and hardware. The finished door is 8’ x 3’ x 2.5”.

The glass portion of the Strand Door was cast against investment taken from a mold of the live edge of the Oregon white oak slab. The edge meeting the wood was cast in a ~2.5″ wide band of stacked 1401 Crystal Clear sheet glass. This band is proud of the wood and the rest of the glass panel and was hand-polished to a high gloss. The primary material used for the glass is composed of an arrangement of various sizes of 1401 Crystal Clear frit (crushed glass), laid with a gradient of 1829 Gray Tint frit. The glass was cast into two panels that were laminated together and the top surface of the glass was left with a matte texture.

After the glass was cast, the Bullseye/MADE team called on Flux Design to provide a frame, hardware, and hinge system sufficient to both the design and load requirements of this substantial, yet elegant door. The oak provides the lock stile of the door. The top and bottom rail and the hinge stile itself are all cold rolled steel, machined and finished by Flux. Concealed in the wall is more of Flux’s handiwork: the ample reinforcement necessary to support the over 600 pounds of door being hung on five very burly hinges.

This project demonstrates how artisans from different crafts can come together to explore conceptual possibilities, learn more about each other’s vernacular and processes, and develop methodologies required for a successful collaboration.

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