Stepped Series: Condor Counter

The Stepped Series is a customizable fused glass slab featuring a stepped design of interior opalescent glass bands. These glass bands vary in width, running along the length of an alternately colored, translucent glass slab. The sides of the slab feature the edges of the cast-in-place bands of opalescent sheet glass. The intention is for the working surface to be lightly textured and the sides polished for clearer interior viewing. Designed by Bullseye Studio, in collaboration with Jessica Loughlin and Daniel Schwoerer.

Condor Counter is a version of the Stepped Series commissioned by collectors of contemporary glass in SW Portland, OR. It is used as the primary serving counter for their kitchen. This slab is 31.5” wide x 96” long and 2” thick with an end that tapers at a shallow angle to a width of 24.75. It is comprised of five 0113 White bands of glass within the body of a 1401 Crystal Clear slab, all fused to a bottom layer of 1429 Light Silver Gray.

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