Houston Methodist Hospital Chapel Glass Art

Paul Housberg

Artist Paul Housberg designed a 21’ x 7.5’ curved art wall made of sawtooth-shaped glass tiles for a meditation chapel on the Houston Methodist Hospital campus in Texas. The chapel is located on the first floor of the hospital’s new 22-story flagship facility: The Paula and Joseph C. “Rusty” Walter III Tower. The tiles were fabricated by Bullseye Studio.

Housberg’s signature fused and kilnformed “sawtooth” tile, with the characteristic sawtooth profile, is a design he has been fabricating in his studio for many years. This highly sought-after tile design, suitable for many applications, involves a complex and technically challenging process. To keep his focus on the design and development of new work, Housberg looked to Bullseye to take over production of these tiles, beginning with this meditation chapel. This was a natural evolution in the relationship between Housberg and Bullseye Studio, as Bullseye has been supplying Housberg with glass for decades and the fabrication studio had collaborated with Housberg on two previous works.

While providing needed privacy, the installation can be viewed inside and outside of the chapel, as the tiles mount to both sides of a clear tempered window (the window installed expressly to be the center layer of the installation). The artwork is lit by track lighting placed along both sides of the piece. Housberg precisely planned all of the glass colors as well as their placement within the artwork.

“The composition of clear translucent glass at the center surrounded by deepening blues represents expanding light and faith in healing.” – Paul Housberg

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