Vitrolite Tiles: Grand Theater

The Grand Theater “Vitrolite” Tiles project is comprised of 1,752 square feet of historic reproduction glass cladding tiles (traditionally marketed under the brand name Vitrolite) and is located at the Grand Theater in Grand Island, Nebraska. Bullseye Studio fabricated a total of 584 panels, measuring 12” x 36” each, in three custom colors: 300 units of “black” glass, 134 units of “jade” glass, and 150 units of “cream” glass.

For historic reproduction projects, our client, Tim Dunn, typically sources reclaimed materials. However, because this was an entirely new facade there were too many tiles needed of each color to rely on color consistency from reclaimed stock. Therefore, all tiles needed to be custom made.

In order for the reproduction to be historically accurate, the panels needed a solid body color, rather than paint or ceramic frit applied to the back surface. Bullseye is one of the only glass manufacturers in the world able to produce glass of this type in the range of colors this project required.

Tim came to Bullseye Studio because we had the glass and the ability to make custom colors. Additionally, with our  large kilns we can offer flat, annealed glass panels with solid, consistent body color.

Bespoke kilnformed glass products designed by Bullseye Studio include panels, tiles, pavers, doors, and furniture. Bullseye Studio staff will work with you to develop configurations, colors, and specific attributes suitable to the unique needs of your project. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote: