Garden Glass Panels

The Garden Glass Panels located in the garden of the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX, were designed by Wayne Design Group and fabricated by Bullseye Studio. Comprised of nine monolithic glass slabs, 96” tall x 36” wide x 3” thick, with associated steel bases, they form an arc 75’ in diameter.

The glass slabs were constructed of a custom-made glass product for a milky, translucent quality. Crushed iridized glasses were incorporated on the exterior in a 9” x 9” grid pattern for additional shimmer. Swaths of strategically placed colored glasses were set into the interior of the glass slabs according to a provided design. The panels were set into steel pockets 2’ tall.

Bullseye Studio fabricated the glass slabs in addition to designing and engineering the decorative steel pockets and the above-grade support system.