Confluence Table: Condor Dining Room

Commissioned by contemporary glass collectors for their residence in SW Portland, Oregon, this original Confluence Table combines custom kilnformed and hand-finished glass, a hand-finished hardwood slab made of Oregon Maple, and a custom metal base. The finished table top is 44″ wide, 118.5″ long and 2.5″ thick. Glass fabrication and design by Bullseye Studio, woodwork by MADE, and metalwork by Flux Design.

This project sought to incorporate the disparate materials of glass, wood, and metal into a functional piece of artwork that would serve as the focal point for exquisite dining experiences. After consulting with the client, teams from Bullseye Studio and MADE explored a range of approaches to pairing a massive maple slab with glass. They settled on casting the glass to reflect the sinuous contour of the wood’s live edge. The top surface of the glass was left with a matte texture, except for a heavy polish along the live edge, giving the effect of a flowing river. The Bullseye/MADE team called on Flux Design to provide a steel base sufficient for the design and load requirements of this substantial, elegant tabletop.

The Confluence Table demonstrates how artisans from different crafts can come together to explore conceptual possibilities, learn about each other’s vernacular and processes, and develop methodologies required for successful collaboration.

The Confluence Table won the Oregon IIDA’s Maker Award – Best In Category at The Design Excellence Awards in 2016. The awards are a platform that highlights the exceptional interior design work occurring in the Pacific Northwest.

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Collaborating with Bullseye Studio

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Collaborating with Bullseye Studio