Chevron Wired Panels: Lychgate Roof

The Chevron Wired Panels, designed and fabricated by Bullseye Studio, are kilnformed glass panels with copper wires and 2” deep sides. This project, called Lychgate, consists of nine smokey-colored 15.75” wide roof panels in varying lengths. The panels create a three-sided sloped roof above a garden gate for a private residence in Portland, OR.

Made of fused and slumped Bullseye glass, these panels contain copper wires fused in chevron patterns into the glass for further creative dimension. The Chevron Wired Panels are a headnod to historical wired glass, are reminiscent of channel glass, and have the distinct advantage of being produced in any one of the many shades in Bullseye Glass Company’s color palette. For Lychgate, the metal framework was designed to match the gutters and other roof elements of the primary residence.

The Chevron Wired Panels add interesting decorative components to outside spaces, are a creative way to protect from the elements, and can be integrated into free-standing structures.

Bespoke kilnformed glass products designed by Bullseye Studio include panels, tiles, pavers, doors, and furniture. Bullseye Studio staff will work with you to develop configurations, colors, and specific attributes suitable to the unique needs of your project. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote:

Chevron Wired Panels: Condor Awning