Oculus Doors: Gallery Entrance

The original entry doors of Bullseye Projects were solid, heavy, wood-plank doors that hampered people from entering. Being a contemporary glass exhibition space in NW Portland (Oregon), Bullseye Projects wanted the new doors to send a welcoming message and be representative of the compelling work inside. The solution was found in a design by Bullseye Studio using kilnformed glass.

Referred to as the Oculus Doors, these are not your average glass doors. The new doors mimic the vertical grooves of the original wood planks and feature variations in surface texture and relief. Each door is comprised of two kilnformed, clear glass panels, laminated together, and measuring a total of 35″ x 75.5″ x 1.5″. A raised, central area on both sides of each door was hand-polished to create a 55” circular window that acts as a lens into the gallery.

The doors are made of iridescent clear glass that, from a skewed perspective, read as opaque. This illusion of opacity changes the moment a visitor comes closer and can see through the doors, especially when peering through the polished center lens.

In addition to embodying the craft of kilnformed glass, this project demonstrates the difference material can make in defining and opening a space. There are many design possibilities with glass, including texture, opacity, transparency, and magnification.

Kilnforming offers interesting and exciting alternatives to off-the-shelf, frameless glass doors. Kiln-glass is durable, structural, withstands the elements, and outlasts standard materials, all while retaining its beautiful and original integrity.

Bespoke kilnformed glass products designed by Bullseye Studio include panels, tiles, pavers, doors, and furniture. Bullseye Studio staff will work with you to develop configurations, colors, and specific attributes suitable to the unique needs of your project. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote: studio@bullseyeglass.com