Bullseye Benches

A custom-designed product by Bullseye Studio, the Bullseye Benches are minimalist approaches to functional architectural elements. They answer the call for exquisite furnishings that are durable and can be placed outdoors.

These customizable, fused glass slabs are made of distinctive glass layers and patterning, paired with a custom base. As shown, all slabs are 3” thick, and most feature Bullseye Glass Co.’s 1101 Clear Transparent Iridescent Silver glass which adds more durability, is subtly reflective, and changes in different lighting conditions.

The use of glass for architectural furnishings, like the Bullseye Benches, offers unique qualities of transparency and light transmission while remaining minimal in appearance (with no fear of warp, rot or rust).

Bespoke kilnformed glass products designed by Bullseye Studio include panels, tiles, pavers, doors, and furniture. Bullseye Studio staff will work with you to develop configurations, colors, and specific attributes suitable to the unique needs of your project. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote: studio@bullseyeglass.com