Dawndae Hamilton with sections of Lynn Basa's glass artwork for the Multnomah County Central Courthouse.

Bullseye Studio @ the AFTA Convention

May 20, 2019

Bullseye Studio’s Development Manager, Dawndae Hamilton, will be attending Americans for the Arts’ upcoming annual convention in Minneapolis—specifically the Public Art Pre-Conference, June 12-15. As a premiere gathering for art leaders and influencers, the convention presents an exciting, convenient opportunity for attendees to learn about Bullseye Studio’s unparalleled services and all that the relatively untapped powers of kilnformed glass can offer public art.

For anyone attending the Public Art Pre-Conference—or anyone nearer to Minneapolis than Bullseye Studio in Portland!—this is a prime opportunity to speak with Dawndae in person about:

  • Large-scale public works and the illuminating possibilities kilnformed glass offers the field
  • The qualities that radically distinguish kilnformed glass from traditional glass art, like stained glass
  • The material’s practical benefits—strength, maintenance ease, durability, and unfading color
  • Our collaborations with artists and organizations to expertly translate artwork into kiln-glass
  • The total project management services we provide to individuals and agencies
  • The larger commissions/projects we can help emerging public artists secure
  • Any other questions you have about kilnformed glass, public art, or Bullseye Studio

We hope you will take this chance to meet one-on-one and explore how kilnformed glass could be key to unlocking the full potential of an idea or project.

Meet in Minneapolis! To make meeting arrangements and speak with Dawndae in person, email her directly at dawndaehamilton@bullseyeglass.com.