Tom Jacobs being interviewed by Multnomah County.
Bullseye Studio’s Project Manager, Tom Jacobs, being interviewed by Multnomah County.

120 Panels for Lynn Basa’s Artwork, Fully Fabricated!

August 12, 2019

After over a year of meticulous effort, Bullseye Studio recently completed fabricating the last of the 120 panels that comprise Lynn Basa’s artwork for the Multnomah County Central Courthouse.

In recognition of the occasion, a Multnomah County video production team was on hand to record the fabrication of the final five panels. The footage they captured, along with the entire story of the project, may be developed and one day shared by video in the courthouse itself.

Fabricators Dustin and Skyler adding frit to “The Final Five.”

With Lynn Basa’s art successfully translated into a monumental work of kilnformed glass, the Bullseye Studio team will now shift focus to a new and critical part of the production process: squaring the panels and applying the backers and cleats.

Updates should follow in early 2020 when the team has made progress in the installation phase of the project.

Skyler and Dustin documenting the final panels.