Vertigo Tables

Karlyn Sutherland

When an artist’s or designer’s path calls for scaling up to public art, architectural projects, or creating editioned design work in glass, Bullseye’s fabrication studio can offer the expertise and equipment needed. Collaborative projects at Bullseye Studio may go beyond simple fabrication, offering a deeper understanding of the kilnformed processes involved, and providing an opportunity to broaden an artist’s or designer’s material and process expertise.

This was the case with Dr. Karlyn Sutherland, PhD Arch, an artist, architectural designer, and writer based in her hometown of Lybster, Scotland. Her residency at Bullseye in 2015 opened new avenues of exploration in fusing and slumping, establishing a color and texture palette, and granting Sutherland a more technical understanding of kiln processes. At Decorex 2018, she presented a series of architectural wall-mounted works and tables using perspective to create the illusion of depth and form. In preparation for exhibiting at Collect 2020 in London, Sutherland returned to Bullseye, continuing prototype development for her Vertigo and Mirage line of tables at Bullseye Studio in 2019.

The two designs in this series use translucent layers of glass to create an illusion of shadow, highlights, and volume within a minimal ⅝” thickness. Bullseye worked with the artist to refine and resolve the bases, improve precise glass cutting and fitting, and produce the desired ground surface more efficiently, evolving this process via the use of high-grade equipment.